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Only a few of us know about the concept of ICO before the year 2017. There were thousands of ICO’s launched in 2017, raising over 3 billion USD. Many have made their fortune with these ICO’s and many missed the flight.

Tokens are available at a cheap rate during ICO phase and once the ICO phase is over many of them gave a good return to their investors. In some cases, the return is over 1000%.

If you are one of the passenger who missed the flight for ICO’s launched in 2017, don’t worry there are plenty of upcoming ICO in 2018. Seeing the return given by previous ICO’s, it’s important to stay updated on upcoming ICO in order to book your profit.

Just to give you an idea about upcoming ICO, Telegram (world most popular messaging app) is launching its own ICO and that will be biggest of all ICO’s launched till date. The net worth of Telegram ICO will be over 1.2 billion USD. Although no official news is out about this, yet investors are keenly monitoring this upcoming ICO.

 Resources to know about Upcoming ICO

There are many websites where you can find info on upcoming ICO. Some of them are

On these sites you can find Starting date of upcoming ICO’s as well as small description. In some cases, you may also see price of token as well. These sites can be a great starting point to explore the bright upcoming ICO’s.

There are variety of documents you can find on upcoming ICO website like Whitepaper, One Pager brie and Presentation. These documents are key items in judging whether the upcoming ICO is worth considering for investing. You can also get info about Team behind the upcoming ICO which is very useful tool. One of the main problems with ICO’s is that most of them prove to be either a “get rich quick” scam or are left barren by their founders. No one is protector of you investment except you, it’s advisable to see all necessary details before you jump into any upcoming ICO.

There are cases where tokens are sold out instantly in few hours after ICO launch. It’s only because investors keep track of solid upcoming ICO in advance and buy the tokens as they are launched.

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